Our Specialty

Made in USA-------Customed Gowns:

At What's Up Europe, you have access to meet with an European Designer, whom can

design a One-of-a-Kind gowns specially made for you and your next special event.

For the month of November & December, we will be able to book appointments to meet

with her only on the following dates, only 12pm-5pm: Call for availability

For the Holidays please call or email, the Designer has a very busy schedule, thank you!

Call to make an appointment or email us at info@whatsupeurope.com,
 and we will schedule you in the available slots

Helena Etchart-Tine' creates clothing you dream of wearing. She designs to your special needs fabulous evening wear; including ball-gowns, the latest in prom fashions, the wedding gown of your dreams, bridesmaids dresses, youthful creations for the mother of the bride, and gowns for ballroom dancing competitions.

Helena has designed her own ready-to-wear career wardrobe using designer fabrics such as Ralph Lauren, Dior, St. John's and more. Good quality fabrics are important to any design, but without skilled professional tailoring, designer fabrics and original design is only cloth and lines on paper;

To bring it all together, Helena Etchart-Tine' has added an experienced Haute Couture tailor to the design team of What's Up Europe in order to bring the creations to a reality and individually fitted to each client.

With her European background and design degree, she brings excitement, glamour, style, only available in the Fashion centers of the world, to our community. You can also find at What's Up Europe, French designer sweaters, and imported wool shawls to add glamour to your attire.

She invites you to let her bring Haute Couture to your next special event.